HUASHU Robot Co., Ltd. is a

high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of industrial robot core components, robots and intelligent factory solutions. Currently, it has an annual production capacity of 6,000 units. Machine capacity exceeds 10,000 units.

core advantages

Three domestically produced

Five elements

One Core

HUASHU robot system has mastered the four core key components of the robot;

the whole machine product has made great progress, and has the ability to produce 5 series of more than 20 types of robot products;

has overcome many core key technologies and obtained more than 300 intellectual property rights.

The quality of products has been continuously improved, and the scale of industrial scale has been expanded.

The products have been applied throughout the country. The technology and products of China Digital Robots have the ability to directly compete with the four foreign family robots in some market segments such as grinding.

Business segments

Robot core parts business

  • Robot controller (software, hardware)
  • Robot body
  • servo motor
  • server Driver

Robot core parts business

  • Integrating research and development, production, sales and service

Overall solution

  • Smart factory overall solution
  • Factory big data, information technology, cloud platform services

Robot core parts business

  • Assist system integrators and equipment manufacturers to develop together
  • Pre-sales technical support
  • After sales service

Series product introduction

Integrator cooperation model and support

Cooperation conditions

  • Independent corporation
  • Enough connections and resources
  • Have a certain basic application service capability

Cooperative industry

Notebook industry

Applied Products:
HSR-JR612 Industrial robot
HSR-JR605 industrial robot
HSR-SR6600 industrial robot
HSR-JR612 industrial robots
HSR-JR603 Industrial Robot

Mobile Phone Industry

Applied Products:
HSR-JR605 industrial robot
HSR-JR605 industrial robot
HSR-JR605 Industrial Robot

Appliance industry

Applied Products:
HSR-JR612 industrial robot

Kitchen and Sanitary industry

Applied Products:
HSR-JR612 Industrial Robot
HSR-JR612 industrial robot
HSR-JR620L industrial robots
HSR-JR612 industrial robot
HSR-JR620L industrial robot

Automobile Industry

Applied Products:
HSR-JR612 industrial robot
HSR-JR612 industrial robot
HSR-JR620L industrial robot
HSR-JR650L Industrial Robot

Hardware Industry

Applied Products:
HSR-JR620L industrial robot
HSR-JR612 industrial robot
HSR-BR604 Double Rotary Robot

Machine Tool Industry

Applied Products:
HSR-BR606 Bi-spin Robot
HSR-JR650L industrial robot

Other Industry

Applied Products:
HSR-BR606 Bi-spin Robot
HSR-JR630 Industrial Robot
HSR-BR610 Machine Tool High Protection Version
HSR-JR650L industrial robots

Market support

  • Provide basic promotional materials for products, technical training, application technical support, and small customization in special industries
  • Develop nationwide service layout, quickly respond to integrators
  • For end users, quickly respond, with integrators, enterprises to solve pain points
  • Assist integrators to create the most competitive products and differentiated services in the subdivision area, and develop software process packages for the subdivision area.
  • Experience sharing, unshared sharing to strategic cooperation integrators, end users


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