JR612 industrial robot comprehensive education and training platform

JR612 industrial robot comprehensive education and training platform

Functional description

The basic teaching workstation of industrial robot is composed of one HUASHU industrial robot and its controller, tool library, basic training platform, comprehensive training platform, I/O and PLC training unit, off-line programming simulation unit and safety protection facilities, etc. Integrated with a variety of robot industrial application cases, the realization of industrial robot application multi-functional teaching practice.

Can carry out training projects

Basic operation teaching of industrial robot

the learning of Industrial robot teaching

TCP calibration teaching

Establish the workpiece coordinate system for teaching

the learning of Industrial robot teaching of simple trajectory, continuous trajectory and spatial complex trajectory

Basic command operation and position point setting of industrial robot

Application of industrial robot stacking practical training platform

Application of industrial robot off-line programming (writing) practical training platform

Industrial robot simulation in feeding and blanking of tooling practical training application

Basic operation programming of industrial robot

Knowledge of industrial robot disassembly and assembly process

Key parts and basic structures of industrial robots

Assembly precision test and adjustment of industrial robot

Electrical wiring, debugging, teaching and programming of industrial robots

Electrical schematic diagram disassembly, electrical control and programme teaching course

Debugging and maintenance of industrial robot control system

Key control parts and basic structure of industrial robot

Robot space trajectory programming and practical operation

Advanced robot action practice training

PLC programmable controller I/O parameters with cover teaching

PLC programmable controller I/O communication setup teaching

PLC programmable controller advanced programming mathematics

Equipment configuration list

Serial numberName and SpecificationUnitNumberRemarks
1Robot HSR-JR612set1HUASHU
2Basic training platformset1Non-standard customization
3Comprehensive training platformset1Non-standard customization
4Electronic control installation and dismantling of the training platformset1Non-standard customization
5Computer and teaching software (optional)set1customization, HUASHU
6I/O and PLC training platformset1Non-standard customization
7Safety and protective netset1Non-standard customization

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JR612 industrial robot integrated teaching and training workstation.docx

JR612 industrial robot integrated teaching and training workstation.docx


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