Industrial robot talent market demand

China has become the world's largest market for industrial robots

The trend of robot and intelligent manufacturing continues. Countries around the world put robot and intelligent manufacturing at the core of economic development. China has elevated the robot industry to the national strategic level. In 2015, China issued "made in China 2025", which indicated that robot and intelligent manufacturing should be vigorously developed, which means that the robot industry will not only become a key industry supported and developed by the country, but also a backbone force to promote China's economic transformation and upgrading, innovative development and realize "manufacturing power.”

  • "The annual growth rate is expected to reach 25 percent from 2015 to 2017 Sales exceeded 100,000 units in 2017."

  • By the end of 2017, there were more than 2 million industrial robots in factories worldwide
    By the end of 2017, China had more than 400,000 robots.

The shortage of talents in industrial robots

  • With the rapid development of the robot industry of the industrial market, enterprises are facing the shortage of skilled talents in industrial robots. In order to meet the development demand of advanced manufacturing industry, and with accordance to the requirements of "made in China 2025", the ministry of education has renamed the former "manufacturing category" to "equipment manufacturing category" in the catalogue of higher vocational majors, and added the industrial robot technology major to gradually cultivate the echelon of industrial robot application and innovation talents.

Industrial robot talent training system

Industrial robot major in secondary vocational colleges

Training objectives:

Training the senior technical application talents of mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises, automation, CNC technology, mechatronic equipment usage to serve in the enterprises engaged areas such as the operation and programming of industrial robot equipment, equipment management and maintenance, sales, promotion and after-sales technical support.

Besides, those talents can also master the basic theory and operation skills of industrial robot application in the robot manufacturing enterprises, and be able to independently engage in the operation, programming and management tasks of the large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment and the industrial robot application system. Talents are with good practical experience, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial consciousness in production management.

Industrial robot major in higher vocational colleges

Training objectives:

Cultivate advanced technical application-oriented talents who are engaged in the repair and assembly of industrial robot equipment, management and maintenance of automatic production line, integrated design and application of industrial robot workstation and automatic production line, sales, promotion and after-sales technical support in electromechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises, automation, numerical control technology and electromechanical integration equipment application enterprises.

Master the basic theory and operation skills of industrial robot application major in robot manufacturing enterprises, have the professional skills of mechanical structure design, electrical control, sensing technology, intelligent control, etc., and be able to independently engage in the installation, commissioning, programming, process design, maintenance and maintenance of large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment and industrial robot application system Operation and management tasks: have good practical experience, be able to carry out application design and develop high skilled application-oriented talents with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial consciousness.

Analysis of the level of talent training:

Analysis of the level of talent training:

Knowledge system of industrial robot

Based on the position analysis of industrial robot, the knowledge ontology of robot is shown in the following figure. Based on the position and knowledge system, Huashu teaching experts and application enterprises have jointly developed a curriculum system based on project and theory practice integrated teaching. The curriculum system of industrial robot specialty construction in this scheme is based on the mechanical and electrical professional courses, and integrates the core courses of industrial robot to construct the knowledge and curriculum system. Industrial robot core courses: industrial robot foundation, industrial robot operation programming, industrial robot electrical control and maintenance; According to the actual expansion, the school can add industrial robot automation unit management and maintenance, industrial robot simulation training courses:

  • 01

    Overview of industrial robots

  • 02

    Professional basic courses

  • 03

    Industrial robot
    Mechanical knowledge

  • 04

    Industrial robot
    Electrical knowledge

  • 05

    Industrial robot
    Control knowledge

  • 06

    Industrial robot programming

  • 07

    Industrial robot
    Assembly and disassembly of the whole machine

  • 08

    Industrial robot
    Maintenance and repair

  • 09

    Automatic control of industrial robot
    Comprehensive application of modular unit

  • 10

    Industrial robot
    Typical workstation application

  • 11

    Industrial robot
    Typical industry applications

Analysis of the position of industrial robot talents

Matching teaching resources of industrial robot specialty

  Facing the current market situation of the urgent demand for talents made in China 2025, CNC organized experts and teachers from enterprises, schools and industries based on its professional intelligent manufacturing industry application group, investigated the current situation and technical requirements of industrial robot talents, and developed a series of industrial robot textbooks, industrial robot series teaching equipment Mining enterprise application knowledge, researching and developing industrial robot digital resource base, organizing teacher training. A set of perfect professional and curriculum construction system based on resource base is designed, and the professional skill standard drafting of domestic industrial robot is led.

Textbook compilation of industrial robots series

  Based on the analysis of the course system and knowledge system, Hua Shu took the lead in organizing experts to compile series of textbooks to support teaching and training nationwide.In the project-based teaching method course mode, in view of the actual situation of secondary vocational school students and the current shortage of teaching staff for industrial robots, it docks with the national vocational skill standards, takes the numerical control intelligent manufacturing industrial application enterprise cluster in central China as the knowledge source, and takes the lead in organizing enterprises and school experts to dock.Four core textbooks on industrial robots have been developed jointly for secondary occupations.This textbook will be published in succession in the Central China University of Science and Technology Press.This series of textbooks has been taken seriously by the National Instructional Committee for Mechanical Vocational Education, and has given support and guidance to the publication of this series of textbooks.

Professional Teaching Construction

Construction Conditions for First-level Site of Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Robot

Construction of Teaching Resource Bank for Industrial Robots

Construction of Teaching Resource Bank for Industrial Robots

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