practical training platform of 605+SCARA visual assembly

practical training platform of 605+SCARA visual assembly

Functional description

The teaching platform is composed of JR605 robot, SR6600 robot, modular integrated platform and various functional modules (belt conveyor module, visual positioning and detection module, palletizing module, assembly module, screw setting module, feeding module, robot TCP calibration module, PC module, etc.).

Based on the understanding of the various functional modules and training of the teaching platform of the 6-joint robot and Planar joint robot ,multi-function fixture, modular integration platform, students are able to understand the mechanical composition of the robot ending fixture, electrical control circuit, pneumatic control circuit, the composition of the visual system and the fixture actuator principle, and students can also learn the robot basic operation and programming, PLC programming, calibration of TCP, robot I/O Settings, comprehensive application ability of robot visual and training of cooperation with production line, etc.

Can carry out training projects

Basic operation demonstration of the industrial robot

Demonstration of instruction of the Industrial robot

TCP calibration instruction

Demonstration of establishing the workpiece coordinate system

Simple trajectory, continuous trajectory and spatial complex trajectory demonstration

Basic command operation and position point setting of the industrial robot

Comprehensive application of Industrial robot palletizing practical training

Comprehensive application of Industrial robot off-line programming (writing) practical training

Comprehensive application of industrial robot vision

Comprehensive application of industrial robot assembly

Comprehensive application of industrial robot screw healder

Comprehensive application of mitsubishi PLC programming training

Equipment configuration list

Serial numberName and SpecificationUnitNumberRemarks
1HSR-JR605 Robotset1HUASHU
2HSR-SR6600 Robotset1HUASHU
3Modular integrated platform 1920*1540*787mmset1HUASHU
4Belt conveyor module1300*230*160mmset1HUASHU
5Visual moduleset1HUASHU
6Stacking moduleset1HUASHU
7Assembly moduleset1HUASHU
8Hit screw moduleset1HUASHU
9Taking moduleset1HUASHU
10The PC module 821*800*450mmset1HUASHU

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