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IntoRobot is a offline programming and simulation software that is closest to industrial market applications developed by Huashu Robot with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. InteRobot supports various brands and models of the industrial robots such as Huashu, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa and Kawasaki. It comes with the functions of offline programming such as robot library management, tool library management, processing mode selection, machining path planning, kinematics solution, robot selection, control parameter setting, anti-collision and interference check, and kinematics simulation. The biggest feature is the deep integration of process knowledge in the application field. It can solve the urgent problem of expanding the application field of robots and increasing the complexity of tasks. And It can be widely used in 3C products metal parts, aerospace parts, automobile panel, laser welding and cutting, mold manufacturing, hardware parts, spraying, multi-axis machining, stone and sheet metal processing and other professional fields.


InteRobot offline programming provides fast, efficient and effective trajectory planning for the provided workpiece model. It can effectively plan the trajectory according to the actual situation on the site and optimize the trajectory parameters, so that the customer can experience faster programming, higher precision, lower cost and higher payback from this offline programming.


InteRobot offline programming software contains varies robot models including Huashu robots. The users can customize new robots, tool fixtures, or directly perform offline programming, simulation, optimization of paths, output post code, and output control codes to robots for complex trajectory movements. It’s professional applications including robotic grinding, deburring, gluing, painting, and welding and so on.

Software Features


fast programming, precise and accurate implementation


productivity increased and labor costs reduced


Professional robot application process package integration, high-speed and high-efficient offline programming method

professional polishing workstation,

efficient loading and unloading mechanism and sand paper changing mechanism.


Software + Hardware = Theory + Practical

calculation combined with software and hardware, accurate calibration of the actual workpiece position, accurate offline reading of calibration files


modular, high scalability

rich secondary development

meet customers' customized processes

InteRobot's main functions and features

1. Fast programming and precise implementation

Compared with the traditional manual teaching programming, InteRobot offline programming software directly programs and simulates the 3D model. It directly calibrates the robot and working scene in the computer virtual environment, and it plans the machining path through various trajectory planning methods developed. After the virtual simulation and collision interference check, the output program can be directly run in the actual industrial robot. The whole process is completed on the office computer without interrupting production. The programming is fast with high precision, and without safety hazard.

2. Support muti-brand industrial robots

Supporting various of domestic and international mainstream brand robots, such as China, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, Kawasaki and other brands. The robot library has provided a series of models of robots, which also supported customization that the users can expand to any type of robot.

3. Specialized technology package

The offline programming software deeply integrates domain process knowledge, which can provide professional process parameter settings and related trajectory programming methods for grinding, welding, painting and other industries, and which can adaptively generate robot programs containing process characteristics.

4. Rich trajectory planning method

The trajectory planning provides manual, automatic, external and other methods to adapt to the programming habits of people in various industries in China. The offline programming trajectory program also supports multiple external axis linkage control, including single-sided machines, dual-position machines, and hybrid controls.

5. The offline programming software, whose program point calibration and adjustment is inevitable in real industrial applications such as grinding, welding, spraying and other practical projects. InteRobot based on a large number of practical application experience, developed robot point follow up, box selection batch delete, Cartesian coordinate batch adjustment, position orientation offset and other series of functions, It can efficiently verify and adjust the program points that don’t meet the requirements.

6. Intelligent trajectory optimization method

InteRobot offline programming software provides trajectory intelligent analysis tool, which can identify the characteristic lines and feature points of the workpiece surface according to the change of machining trajectory and process requirements, and which can achieve the speed and acceleration planning of the robot program. You can also set advanced transition parameters such as CP, SP, and AI for HuaShu robots.

7. Provide continuous technical support

Genuine software, with completely domestic independent intellectual property rights, can provide continuous technical support.

Typical Application

Notebook case polishing

Widely used in the 3C grinding industry,
it greatly improves the efficiency of robot programming when programming 3D surfaces and small fillets.

Teaching video

Click to go to Youku to watch the tutorial video > >
Click to go to Youku to watch the tutorial video > >

Relevant Downloads

InteRobot offline programming software manual.pdf

InteRobot offline programming software manual.pdf



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