Theoretical practice integration simulation software

The integrated teaching system of industrial robot integrated simulation is an application software developed by Huashu Robot Corporation for the teaching and practical application of robot theory. In the education section, it provides help for beginners to quickly understand robots in a virtual environment, quickly learn the basic operations of offline programming simulation and programming modules, protect students' safety and reduce learning costs.


The integrated teaching system of industrial robot integrated simulation combines with the actual teaching situation to provide beginners with a quick understanding of robots in the virtual environment, basic operations of fast learning offline programming simulation and programming modules.


The integrated teaching system of industrial robot integrated simulation includes various robot models like Huashu robots. Users can customize new robots and tool fixtures, or directly perform offline programming, simulation, optimization of paths, output post code, and output control codes to perform complex trajectory movements on the robot. The Huashu digital controller system can be connected to the robot in the software for bidirectional connection control

and the bidirectional connection control

between the software with robot can be selected different modes in the software(PC mode and teach pendant mode). On the one hand (Teacher mode), the controller's data can be acquired in real time, and the synchronous robot and the actual robot can be synchronized on the view; on the other hand (PC mode) the main functions of the teach pendant has been integrated, which can be The software directly sends motion instructions and programs to the robot controller and receives feedback information from the controller.

Practical and wide application

In teaching, the user can simulate the actual operation of the robot through the teaching device, so that the user can better learn and consolidate the robot application technology, and the integrated simulation software greatly reduces the cost of the robot teaching, and is beneficial to the promotion of robot education.

High security

Not only in teaching, but also the integrated simulation software can control the actual robot at the software level, and it is also a powerful tool for robot offline programming software. While increasing the safety of operation, it overcomes the disadvantages of teaching programming and equipment and production time, and improves the utilization rate of the robot.

This two-way connection and control of software and robots also fills the gap in the field, thus meeting the diverse needs of robot applications.

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InteRobot Integrated System Handbook.pdf

InteRobot Integrated System Handbook.pdf



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