Industrial robots theory and practice integration training platform

Industrial robots theory and practice integration training platform

Functional description

The training platform integrating theory and practice of industrial robot is composed of software and hardware related to industrial robot control system, virtual programming and simulation system, teaching pendant and PC. Through virtual programming and simulation system to simulate the real industrial robot environment, while retaining the industrial robot control system and teaching pendant. It is the industrial robot theory and practice teaching combined training platform.

The main features

·requirements of all-in-one computer and communication module: used for industrial robot handheld box and all-in-one computer to achieve Ethernet communication.

·Ethernet communication between computer and underlying hardware can be realized.

·reading and writing the data of the underlying hardware by the computer can be realized.

Product highlights

The theory and practice integration platform can simulate all robot application scenarios. Such as loading and unloading, hardware polishing, located in spraying, welding processing, and in these scenes can be offline or online programming and simulation.

Can carry out training projects

Equipment configuration list

The serial numberName and specificationunitQuantitybrand
1All-in-one desk platformset1HUASHU
2All-in-one computerpcs1HUASHU
3Robot interceptset1HUASHU
4Platform electrical search moduleset1HUASHU
5Machine input control &IPCset1HUASHU
6Robot RV softwareset1HUASHU

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Huashu Digital Robotic Integrated Teaching Station.pdf

Huashu Digital Robotic Integrated Teaching Station.pdf


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