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"Huashu II robot control system is a new generation control system developed by Huazhong CNC for industrial robots. It contains four major functional components of controller, teach pendant, servo drive and IO module, and provides complete set of industrial robot control solutions for users. The system adopts an open and modular architecture, based on the high-speed industrial field bus EtherCAT, which can be widely adapted to various slave stations; embedded advanced kinematics and dynamic control algorithms can be applied to major robots such as PUMA, Delta, and Scara. Model and non-standard robot; support rich secondary development interface, can easily communicate with third-party equipment; support palletizing, polishing and other process packages, support process package integration development; can be customized according to user needs.
The product features are as follows:
1: Fast and accurate tool coordinate system calibration method
2: Easy to connect with third-party vision system and master control system
3: BASIC-based robotic high-level programming language
4: Based on industrial IPC, equipped with real-time Linux operating system
5: Support secondary development
6: Support various robot models: PUMA, Delta, Scara and non-standard products
7: Support for location-based event control, accurate to milliseconds
8: Support robot synchronization with external axis, robot and robot synchronization
9: Supports up to 64 axes, supports external axes, supports multi-robot control"

Industrial Robot Solution

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Huashu HSpad instruction manual.pdf

Huashu HSpad instruction manual.pdf

huashu Robot Operation and Programming Manual.pdf

huashu Robot Operation and Programming Manual.pdf

Huashu HSpad instruction manual.pdf

Huashu HSpad instruction manual.pdf




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